Cancer Fit Video Series


EPs Cancer Fit video series supports cancer patients throughout their journey. 10 videos by Tracey and Cathy, breast cancer survivors. Prep, Maintain, Rebuild strength. Priced at £99. Consult a healthcare provider before starting.



The EPs Cancer Fit video series offers crucial support and empowerment to cancer patients throughout their treatment journey. The series consists of 10 videos that cover each step of the process under the direction of sisters Tracey and Cathy, both breast cancer survivors. Beginning with guidance on enhancing physical and mental well-being before treatment, the series emphasises the importance of Preparedness.

Maintaining fitness during treatment is challenging, but EPs Cancer Fit provides safe and effective home-based exercises to help patients stay active.

Post-treatment, the focus shifts to Rebuilding strength and overall health through targeted workouts. The series also features a flexibility session and a core class.

The EPs video cancer series, priced at just £99, delivers exceptional value by providing comprehensive support and guidance to cancer patients. With expert-led videos covering each stage of the journey, it empowers individuals to prioritise their health and well-being.

Remember to consult with your healthcare provider before starting any exercise routine.

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