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Physical activity and regular exercise helps prepare your body before an operation or treatment. Improved fitness levels allow your body to cope better with the physical stress of surgery and may reduce your chances of future complications following the procedure.

Cancer Specific

I am a certified level 4 cancer rehabilitation exercise professional who specialises in developing tailored exercises for clients at various stages of their treatment journey. These personalised programmes are designed to prepare individuals before treatment, support them during treatment, and aid in their recovery post-treatment. For further information on my comprehensive Prepare, Maintain, and Rebuild Exerscriptions, kindly click on the buttons provided below.

Chronic Health

With specialised expertise in chronic health conditions, I possess the necessary knowledge and experience to effectively support clients facing long-term health challenges. Click the “Chronic Health” buttons below to discover how my tailored services can assist you.

Exercise prescription

Personal Training

Personal training offers customised fitness programmes, either face-to-face or online. It focuses on individual goals, providing guidance, and monitoring progress for effective and safe results.

As the Exercise Prescription founder and trainer, I create personalised exercise programmes using FITT principles. Specialising in cancer rehab and chronic health conditions, I help clients achieve their fitness goals. My 12-week programmes, called “Exerscriptions,” include a free Myzone belt valued at £140. Data analysis ensures safe and successful outcomes.

Group Training

Group Personal Training is an exciting online fitness programme offering live 30-minute express PT classes on Zoom. These comprehensive workouts cover strength training, cardio, core exercises, and flexibility stretches, targeting the entire body. With dynamic and ever-changing content every six weeks, participants stay engaged and motivated. The programme is perfect for those short on time or looking to enhance their fitness level. It caters to both men and women seeking to transform their lifestyles.

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